New Eritrean troops flock to Tigray, and Tigray fighters Battle with Eritrean troops Near the strategic town of Selekleka #Ethiopia

New Eritrean troops flock to Tigray

Reports from Ethiopia’s Tigray region, where Eritrean troops are fighting alongside Amhara and Ethiopian forces and Tigrean fighters, say:
The Tigrean Defense Forces appear to be expanding now in central Tigray, towards the town of Selekleka in Tigray.

The town of Selekleka is located on the B30 highway between Aksum and Shire Fighting between the two sides is still going on not far from Selekleka, a strategic town located between Aksum and Shire.

The Eritreans have sent reinforcements of 30 military trucks, including 12 tanks and mortars, to the town of Selekleka to bolster their forces in Selekleka.

Eritrea is sending more troops to Tigray, according to the Ethiopian local sources

Yesterday, 37 trucks carrying Eritrean troops entered the town of Adigrat, 25 of which were taken to Edagahamus and 12 to Mugulat.

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